Chimney Sweeping

Our number one task is to make sure that you’re chimney is thoroughly swept. We have a wide range of manual brushes of varying widths and strengths to fit any chimney or flu. We also have 90 foot of rotary power sweep rods that we can attach to a drill for an intensive clean – this technique is often used on continuous flus which can be prone to tarring. Before any job we assess the chimney to determine the best type of brushes to use.

Our method:

First of all we sheet off the area around the fire to reduce the spread of dust and debris. We have a range of sheets of different sizes to go over the actual fireplace including our own invention ‘The Stove Sealer’ (a plastic sheet magnetised to the stove with central rod access and an additional nozzle for the vacuum).

We enter the chimney from the bottom, either through the wood burner or through the access hatch (or straight up if it’s an open fire). If your fireplaceĀ does notĀ have an access hatch within the register plate we must be able to remove the plate or at least the flu if it isn’t lined all of the way up – if the chimney is not accessible we cannot sign it off.

We feed the rods up through the chimney until either the brush comes out of the top or the brush reaches the bottom of the pot of bird guard. We then bring it back down and repeat with smaller / larger brushes if required. The collected debris is then cleared away from the fire either by vacuum or shovel & brush. We take the soot away so you don’t have to deal with it.

We then check the condition of any fire cement and fire rope on your stove and update if required, the stove is completely cleaned out and the glass polished. We can replace damaged fire brick subject to stock on the day and we provide a stove-paint spray service if you’d like your stove rejuvenated.

Finally, our sheets and tools are cleared away and we fill out a sweep / safety certificate stating what we have done and whether or not your equipment is safe to use, the sweep and customer both sign the document and you receive a copy, we retain a copy so that in the event that yours is lost or damaged another can be produced.

Finally we thank you for the tea (or coffee) and leave you with one of our lucky chimney sweep charms to watch over your fire until we see you again.