Bird Nest Removal

Bird’s nests are high risk blockages often made of flammable material, if you suspect that you have a bird’s nest you should contact a chimney sweep as soon as possible and not use your fire until they’ve decided your chimney is safe.

How will I know if I have a bird’s nest?

There are a number of factors to look out for;

  • You see birds entering and exiting your chimney pot regularly
  • Evidence of twigs or bird droppings within the fire place / in the chimney throat
  • Smoke travels back into the room as opposed to up the chimney
  • No audible draw on the fire whether lit or not

Remember, if you suspect a nest; DO NOT LIGHT YOUR FIREĀ 

Certain birds can block an entire chimney with materials for nest building!

Our method for clearing a bird’s nest:

If it’s an open fire we will clear the irons and anything else out of the way and sheet off the area. We will then conduct a camera survey to assess the size and type of nest. We then use an assortment of tools to break through the nest and hook onto it so that we can begin to pull it down the chimney. Once the nest has been removed and bagged up we will sweep the chimney normally and then make arrangements to have a bird guard / cowl fitted.

Please be aware that when removing a bird nest birds, living and deceased can come down the chimney, it’s advisable not to stay in the room whilst the process is being carried out.